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CSA LLC, 6 Important Letters That Will Get the Lead Out

CSA LLC Get Lead Out

Is your water heater CSA LLC? Despite American’s best efforts, our country continues to face lead poisoning events like the one seen in Oregon this year. Covered by the state’s media outlets, it should serve as a reminder to scan water heater reviews for a combination of six letters. Which six letters are we referring to and why are they important?

CSA LLC Get Lead Out

Lots of Power in 6 Letters

The six letters consumers should look for in any water heater review are CSA LLC. They are short for CSA Group Certified Low Lead Content. When present, they indicate that a trusted, third-party agency has checked the product’s lead content and determined that it meets or exceeds government regulations for good health. In this case, the government requires certified water heater parts inspectors to look at two things.

Going Cheap May Cost More

The first is the amount of lead in the water heater’s components. This is generally influenced by solder, metal and construction techniques. For example, cheap brass fittings may have more lead in them than premium alloy ones. In addition, all of a water heater’s interior components interact with their environment. Accordingly, this brings us to the second measurement used in the certification process.

Leaching Happens Naturally

It has to do with how much of that inherent lead will likely leach out into the building’s water supply. The leaching is natural and largely dependent on the water’s chemical makeup because each element behaves differently when in close contact with metal. This is also why many water heaters’ anode rods deteriorate faster than others. What the second figure does not take into account is the water source. Some may have more lead content than others.

Take Control

Understandably, this unknown variable could impact a home’s final lead levels too. So therefore, by choosing water heaters that are CSA LLC rated, a person can control at least two sources of potential lead exposure. That is why we deem those six letters among the most important in water heater reviews. To learn more about taking control of your home’s plumbing system, please contact now.