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A High Efficiency Water Heater Helps Solves Cramped Garage Issues

High Efficiency Water Heater Solves Cramped Garage Issues

We all know the expression, “they don’t make ’em like they used to.” When it comes to water heaters, that statement certainly applies, and that is a good thing. Modern high efficiency water heater models provide significant benefits and incredible value. has a comprehensive selection of residential and commercial water heaters and encourages you to replace your older unit with a new high efficiency water heater. The question is if I replace the old water heater with a new Energy Star water heater model, are the savings and other benefits going to be worth it? The answer to this is yes. But to help you understand why, let’s imagine the following scenario, “The Cramped Garage”.

High Efficiency Water Heater Solves Cramped Garage Issues

Most garages are in need of more space, and many times this is where the large bulky water heaters are located. This area in the garage is often taken up by a large, antiquated tank water heater weighing more than the hot tub. Imagine it is replaced with a small tankless gas or propane water heater snugly fitted on the wall. Space is increased, often by 90%, and soon new owners realize their energy bill went down by nearly 20%.

The garage is now uncluttered and the large tank gone, so more valuable space could be utilized. The risk of a faulty or even dangerous, outdated tank are removed as well, replaced with a modern water heater made to save energy and money.

This example could relate to many applications both residential and commercial. It is easy to see the benefits of having a modern high-efficiency water heater. We encourage you to contact and get a quote on the model you are interested in. If you do not know what you need, we’ll be happy to consult with you and come up with an individual solution. has three decades of experience and a dedicated, knowledgeable team to help customers with all installation and repair needs concerning water heaters. We serve the Metro-NYC Area for local services, and hundreds of water heaters can be found on our website