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Students Learn the Benefits of a High Efficiency Water Heater

High-Efficiency Water Heaters Students Learn Benefits

Technology advances quickly. The savviest employees will always stay ahead of the curve so that they have plentiful job prospects. The savviest consumers will stay ahead of the curve to simplify their life, save money and increase their standard of living. The most exciting new tech today involves energy efficiency, like a high efficiency water heater. As we work to save our planet we are also saving money and improving lives. That is what a group of students in tech schools across the country are learning hands-on.

High-Efficiency Water Heaters Students Learn Benefits

According to the WTNH article, “What Students Are Learning About Energy Efficiency Can Save You Money, Too” by Kent Pierce, students at tech schools are building “e-houses” and learning about energy efficiency by installing their high-efficiency water heaters and solar panels. Reporter Kent Pierce watched the students install a high-efficiency water heater that utilized a heat pump to heat the water when it was required, and save energy the rest of the time. After watching the students in action, Pierce drew this conclusion in his article,

“Having a heat pump here in the E-house is good for the students’ future because they’re learning how to install it. Having a heat pump in your house could be good for your future, too, because of all the money it can save you. The increased efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.”

Students appreciate the opportunities they are given for hands-on learning in an emerging industry. They are build skills that are applicable for future opportunities. Energy efficient home-building will provide some of the best job opportunities in the future, but the technology can save you money as a homeowner today. If you want to upgrade your water heater to save money and improve efficiency, please contact today.