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Hiring Executive Assistant to VP

New York, USA (Dec 28, 2015) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

Every thriving business is supported by talented professionals. Now has an opportunity for a talented professional to join our growing family. We are proud to announce an opening for the position of Executive Assistant to VP. Are you a candidate with the energy to keep up with our fast-paced work environment while contributing efficiency, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills? Read on to learn more.

Hiring Executive Assistant to VP

Office Support

Qualified applicants for this position will have basic office skills, including familiarity with all Microsoft Office programs. The right Executive Assistant will create and update spreadsheets to track sales, and they will help prepare presentations in a timely manner. This is a growing business, so the ability to self-motivate and keep up with a fast working pace is essential. In-office support may extend to supportive roles at trade shows and other professional events outside of the office.

Customer Support

Our new Executive Assistant will learn about our products, including detailed information regarding the water heater industry. This knowledge is needed to assist customers in various stages of the buying process through telephone calls. Customer service work will include sales calls, answering questions and helping customers feel supported and valued by

Are You Our Next Executive Assistant?

Our ideal Executive Assistant to the VP will have at least five years of experience. Communication skills are just as important as experience. We are searching for a self-starter able to remain efficient and self-motivated as our company grows. This includes standing as a representative of the brand when interacting with customers, manufacturing representatives, and other professionals calling or visiting our Babylon, NY office.

Our company has 25 years of experience in this industry. Full and part-time hours are available, so feel free to apply online or contact if you are interested in filling this position. The right candidate will support our growing business while we return the favor and support their growing career.

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