TURBOMAX® 109 Instantaneous Indirect 119 Gallon Water Heater

TURBOMAX® 109 instantaneous indirect 119 gallon water heater can reduce heating costs by up to 30% and represents the ideal solution for domestic hot water needs in residential, commercial and institutional applications. Patented technology produces instantaneous hot water at an efficiency rate of over 99% and helps to reduce the accumulation of scale deposits that diminish the efficiency of traditional water heaters.

  • Robust 316L stainless steel tank eliminates the need for anode rods
  • Number one selling indirect water heater in the country
  • Virtually maintenance free operation
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Water Heater Description

TURBOMAX® 109 instantaneous indirect 119 gallon water heater allows you the flexibility to choose the energy source that is the most economical: natural gas, propane, oil, electricity, solar or recuperated heat. The boiler water enters the top of the tank through a patented injector, which creates turbulence for an even water temperature around the copper coils, ensuring maximum thermal exchange. As the boiler water descends in the tank it transfers thermal energy to the copper coils in the TURBOMAX®.

Manufacturer SKU: T-109

Manufacturer PDF: specifications_turbomax.pdf

Water Heater Specifications






Tank (whole house)

Tank Capacity (gallons)


Ignition Type

Direct Spark Ignition

Energy Star


Water Heater Warranty

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10 Year Warranty