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Professional Water Heater Installation, The Safe Choice

Professional Water Heater Installation, Farouk Bseiso

In early July 2015, sports fans were reminded of a tragic death that occurred last summer. Yes, we are talking about the late, international soccer player, Farouk Bseiso. SB Nation carried a follow-up story about him this month that briefly touched on what killed him. It was reportedly a faulty, water heater installation that eventually caused the home he was living in to fill up with carbon monoxide.

Professional Water Heater Installation, Farouk Bseiso

Sadly, as a Prague Post article pointed out at the time of his unfortunate death last year, it was not an isolated event. Remember, many water heaters, like other appliances, rely on natural gas to operate. So if the water heater installation is not completed properly, gas and its byproducts will quickly build up inside of the home.

On their second night in Prague, Bseiso was in the shower while Rowell was at the sink of the small apartment bathroom. Bseiso suddenly collapsed and later died from carbon monoxide poisoning. It is suspected that the water heater and poor ventilation were the cause. Rowell was in intensive care after the accident and is currently seeking further treatment in the US for CO poisoning.

At that point, several things can happen, and carbon monoxide poisoning is one of them. Explosions and house fires are two others. Like carbon monoxide poisoning, they may occur at any time and without warning. Furthermore, all three scenarios have the potential to cause catastrophic health problems and death.

At, we know the dangers of living with faulty installations all too well. As such, we make it a point to employ licensed, insured, conscientious technicians that will ensure our high-quality water heaters are installed and vented properly. They strictly adhere to all safety and industry standards from the moment they step into a home until the entire water heater installation process is complete. Moreover, yes, we will remove the old water heater from the property and clean up the area too.

To learn more about safe, water heater installation and venting, please contact our family today. We would love to help give your family peace of mind and the hot water that they need. Water installation quotes are complimentary, and we serve residences in Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey.