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A.O. Smith, a History of Water Heater Innovation

AO Smith Headquarters Water Heater Innovation

Are you looking for a water heater company with a history of water heater innovation? A lot is riding on your water heater. It needs to function correctly so that your household can function normally. Your home or business needs a water heater that was built by a company with a track record of success. Consider A.O. Smith when searching for your next water heater. With a history of water heater innovation, their quality and versatility have made them one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and residential water heaters.

AO Smith Headquarters Water Heater Innovation

80 Years of Water Heater Innovation

A.O. Smith has an 80-year history of building quality hot water heaters. The first A.O. Smith hot water heater was released in 1939. Since then, they have ushered in many innovations. A.O. Smith is headquartered in Ashland City, Tennessee. Their network includes five manufacturing facilities in the United States as well as plants in China and The Netherlands.

Through their history, A.O. Smith has developed multiple industry innovations.

In 1953 they made the first water heater with a “glass-lined” tank. The glass lining in the tank provides protection for the steel components of the water heater. This extends the unit’s life and remains the industry standard for water heaters. They enhanced the principle in 2004 when they released the Blue Diamond™ glass coating on their Conservationist residential water heaters. This enhanced coating gives over twice the corrosion protection than standard glass.

In 1997 A.O. Smith introduced the Cyclone Xi™. These commercial, gas, water heaters were designed to provide maximum hot water delivery at the lowest possible cost. This is valuable to business owners because it helps them to save thousands of dollars per year in energy costs potentially.

Water Heater Innovation Case Studies

The best way to understand how effective a water heater can be for you is to understand how they have worked for others. Below are a few times that A.O. Smith water heaters were used for their efficiency and effectiveness.

Tresor Properties’ Laguna Beach Residential project

In 2009 Tresor Properties broke ground on a million-dollar residential project in Laguna Beach, California. The developer was focused on making the home the greenest and energy-efficient home in the world. In order to achieve this, they turned to A.O. Smith for their water heater. They knew that A.O. Smith could provide a water heater that can efficiently heat water and help them earn LEEED Platinum certification.

Home in Lititz, Pennsylvania

After a Pennsylvania couple bought a home, they quickly sought to replace the dual water heater system. Since they were the only two in the household, they did not need two tanks and knew that they were wasting a substantial amount of energy and money. The family needed a unit that would be both energy efficient and powerful enough to replace the two-tank system. Their contractor recommended the A.O. Smith Vertex for its effectiveness and economy.

After the replacement, the energy company came to check the family’s meter because they believed it had malfunctioned. It hadn’t, the A.O. Smith Vertex actually increased the home’s efficiency that much.

A.O. Smith has a history of innovation and dependability that has made them one of the most trusted names in the industry. If your New York area home or business is in need of a new water heater, you may need reputable professionals to help you purchase and install your water heater.

At, we are a group of hot water experts that serve the New York metropolitan area. We are master plumbers who have 30 years of experience in water heater sales and installation. We understand that when you need a water heater, you need it soon, and you need it done right.

We carry a variety of A.O. Smith water heaters, and we can help you decide which one is right for you. We can also install your A.O. Smith hot water heater. Contact to discover all of the ways that we can help you find a hot water solution.


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Solutions That Work: Learn What to Do When Your Water Heater Leaks

Water Heater Leaks

Have you noticed water heater leaks? Water heater leaks are relatively common and are normally easy to diagnose. It will also be easy to determine a course of action when you follow this guide. Upon discovering a water leak, turn off the breaker going to your appliance. This will allow you to investigate the source of the leak safely. Many leaks are nothing more than slow drips and will not cause you too much problem. However, if you notice water gushing from your pipes or the tank itself, you will need to turn the water supply off as well.

Water Heater Leaks

With the breaker and/or water supply turned off, you can now try to track down where your leak is coming from. Depending upon where your unit is located, you could need a flashlight to help you see into dark corners. Keep in mind that the outside of your tank could be very hot, so you should use caution whenever you are touching it.

Many times, what appears to be a water leak is not actually one at all. Instead, it is simply condensation that has built up along the outside of your tank. Condensation accumulates when your appliance is first filled with cold water that requires heating. As the water inside the tank warms up, droplets form on the outside of your tank, giving the appearance that it is sweating. Condensation is nothing to be concerned about and actually shows that your water heater is operating as it should be.

Heating Element Gasket

Your appliance has an upper and lower heating element. Each one contains its own gasket, which seals the heating element to the tank. If the gasket is worn, you may notice small drips coming from the side of your tank. This problem can be resolved by removing the element and then replacing the gasket. Even if your gasket is not leaking, you should always replace it any time you change out one of the heating elements.

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

A temperature and pressure relief valve is located on your water heater. The purpose of this valve is to monitor the water pressure of your tank. If the valve senses too much pressure, it will release water in order to alleviate it.

Often, too much pressure occurs whenever the water heater’s temperature has been set too high. Try reducing the temperature, and if that does not work, then you could have a problem with the amount of pressure in your water supply.

Water Heater Drain Valve

Your unit’s drain valve is located near the bottom of your appliance and somewhat resembles a garden hose spigot. If water is dripping from this location, it could mean the connection is loose. Tightening the drain valve will resolve most leaks coming from this area. Your drain valve might also be defective, in which case a replacement would be needed.

Water Heater Leaks

In some cases, you may notice water leaking from the tank. This is most often due to corrosion that has eaten away at the metal surface. You may observe rust or small holes in your water tank as well. Unfortunately, there is no way to patch up a corroded water tank, meaning that a replacement is in order.

At, we service all types of water heater leaks. We can quickly diagnose your problem and come up with a solution for eliminating your leaks. If you are in need of a new water heater, buying a quality unit will reduce the odds of you developing a leak in the future. For water heater leaks sales and service contact today.

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Commercial Tankless Water Heaters Provide Smart Business Solutions for Restaurants

Commercial Tankless Water Heaters Busy Restaurant

Hot water is the lifeblood of a restaurant and a commercial tankless water heater can help ensure a steady supply. Many things can go wrong in the course of a normal workday, but the loss of hot water is an absolute show stopper. It ranks in the top five for restaurant catastrophes. Consider all the services a restaurant needs hot water to provide. Cooking, washing, bathroom, dishwashing, deep sinks, general housekeeping, janitorial services, you get the picture. Without hot water, operations grind to a screeching halt. So important is this matter of hot water that many states Departments of Health require restaurants meet minimum capacity standards.

Commercial Tankless Water Heaters Busy Restaurant

Restaurant Water Consumption

Restaurants use large amounts of water to execute their daily tasks. To put it in tangible terms; quick-serve restaurants use anywhere from 500 to 1500 gallons per day. For large full-service establishments that figure can be as much as 5000 gallons a day. The National Restaurant Association identifies 24 percent of all restaurants use tankless water heaters to reduce their water use as well as lowering energy consumption.

Commercial Tankless Water Heaters, A Practical Solution

Hot water is such a critical component needed to ensure a restaurant’s proper operation. The water heater needs to be one of the most reliable pieces of equipment on the premises. The simple, economical solution lies in tankless water heaters. The upside to these innovative machines are many:

Cost-Effective – As the name implies, there is no tank. This means that energy is not being consumed trying to keep the water hot inside the tank when it is not in use. Reduced operational costs will be realized immediately. Many owners report estimated savings of 30% percent or higher.

Virtually Unlimited Capacity – When properly sized for peak demand, tankless water heaters will easily meet all hot water needs. Its ability to keep the hot water coming will not diminish.

Highly Reliable – Tankless water heaters far outlive their tank bound contemporaries. The average life of a commercial water tank is about 5 to 7 years as opposed to the tankless water heater which boasts a service life of 12 years or more.

Superb Efficiency – Tankless water heaters are extremely efficient. Ratings of 90 percent or higher are common. Adding a tankless water heater is in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidance regarding water conservation in restaurants.

Consult Commercial Tankless Water Heater Professionals

Before purchasing a tankless water heater it is crucial that the correct size be determined. The last thing a business needs is an undersized water heater. What is the right size? Let the professionals at answer this question. Two pieces of information are required in order to calculate proper sizing. The flow rate, accounting for peak demand, and the differential temperature change the unit must achieve. The differential temperature represents the hot water temperature required minus the temperature at which the water enters the building.

The size of the tankless water heater speaks to its ability to heat and deliver a specific volume of hot water. The heating power will be expressed in British Thermal Units or BTU’s, and volume delivered in gallons per minute. Large full-service restaurants should not go lower than 9 gallons per minute.

Commercial Tankless Water Heater Brands for Restaurants

Navien, Rinnai, and A. O. Smith are among the best tankless water heaters for restaurants according to a leading product review website. Top-rated tankless water heaters will have many of the same characteristics that set them apart from others. Their size and weights make them a convenient fit for almost any restaurant configuration. These units possess substantial flow rates typically 9 gallons per minute or greater. Their individual heating capacities usually exceed 190,000 BTU’s, providing plenty of thermal energy to meet on-demand hot water requirements.

Choosing a Commercial Tankless Water Heater carries many leading brands, including those rated among the best in the industry. Rinnai, Navien, A. O. Smith, Bradford White, Bosch, and Navien are all available at We have the tankless water heater that will meet your specific needs. Please contact with any concerns you might have. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist. We provide installation services and solutions to your water heating needs. has been in the business of providing the New York metropolitan area with exemplary service for over 70 years.

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Top 9 Quality Traits Of A Professional Water Heater Installation Company

Quality Water Heater Installation Company

When it comes to the long-term comfort of your family, purchasing the right water heater is a crucial investment. However, hiring the right Water Heater Installation Company to install it can be even more critical than the brand or model you choose. Do you know the character traits to pay attention to when looking for a reputable water heater installation company?

Quality Water Heater Installation Company

1. Certification and credentials

Being a water heater technician is no ordinary job; it takes training to be able to identify a water heater issue correctly, and it can cause life-threatening harm if handled poorly. Your water heater condition depends entirely on their professional expertise. A technician with the proper certifications means that they are qualified and knowledgeable enough to handle whatever issues need addressing.

Your technician should also be able to provide their credentials along with a list of references that can prove the quality of their work. Confirm that all received documentation is up-to-date and valid.

2. Experience

Every technician starts from somewhere but the more the experience, the more expertise garnered. It is recommended that you hire a technician with adequate experience, especially if the issue is a complex one.

3. Integrity

Putting your interests first is an essential character trait of a quality technician. The technician must have the integrity to advise you on the most appropriate course of action expertly. The technician should also be straight-forward and present to you all necessary details in a precise and transparent manner; this includes details on estimates, the extent of work to be done, and the duration.

4. Respect

A quality technician will be sure to respect your home; being careful with your property. Also, a professional technician will clean up his or her work area at every day’s end. This respect and care for your home go a long way in improving the quality of the job.

5. Punctual

Time is of great value, and a professional technician will never waste it. When the technician is punctual, the job is often completed on time and also done with the care it deserves. If the technician comes late, chances are the job will be rushed and a hastily done job will fix your problem.

6. Prepared and organized

Such jobs sometimes involve a lot of tools and parts. The technician’s estimate on the work to be done coupled with his or her experience informs their choice on what equipment to bring. In case of complications during the job, a quality technician will always be able to acquire the necessary equipment without much delay.

7. Patient and accommodating

Throughout their career, technicians will be forced to deal with different kinds of people. They will also need to handle clients with different attitudes. Without patience, it will be challenging for them to solve complex water heater installation issues.

Patience also allows them to be accommodating enough to explain what they are doing, why they chose a particular option of repair. With patience, they will also answer any questions you might have.

8. Detail-oriented and safety conscious

Every job entails analysis, plan, and procedure. A professional is aware that missing even the most minor detail can hurt the overall results. When it comes to the water heater, the tank could be at risk of explosion, making it a possibly dangerous job. The hired technician must take necessary safety measures during the work.

9. Dedicated

The manner with which each task is carried out should indicate someone motivated and dedicated to solving your heater problem. The impressive problem-solving abilities of our Water Heater Installation Company employees compliment the quality of their work. Keep all these character traits in mind the next time you need a water heater technician. Contact today to know more about water heater repair and replacement options.

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Should I Install My Water Heater?

Install My Water Heater Parts

Being a homeowner comes with many challenges, including paying for costly repairs. You own a beautiful home, but your old water heater just stopped working, and you’re already tired of boiling water and taking cold showers. So you finally make that purchase, a brand new water heater. But do you hire a professional to install it, or set out to do it yourself? As a homeowner, should I install my water heater?

Install My Water Heater Parts

Installing My Water Heater

While installing a new water heater has its challenges, it’s not impossible to do it yourself. However, be sure to check your local plumbing codes as the installation must be done properly or it could lead to fines or damage to the rest of the structure.

Saves you money.

This is by far the most obvious benefit of installing your water heater. Going with a professional costs money. Add that to the cost of the water heater. By installing the water heater yourself, you can pocket the extra money or put it into another home improvement project.

Gives you a sense of accomplishment.

You’ve just installed your water heater without the help of a professional. The process wasn’t the easiest, but it works perfectly, and you now have hot water again. Successfully completing home repairs on your own can make you feel quite accomplished and may inspire you to do more work around the house.

Hiring A Professional

Although it might cost more, it’s always best to go with a professional to complete your water heater installation. In the end, you’ll likely save more money because anything can go wrong if you install it yourself. Improper installation can result in the need for repairs or even total replacement in the future. Not to mention, it can expose you to various safety hazards. You should get a professional to install your water heater because:

They have permits.

Building jurisdictions in almost every city and state require a permit to install or replace water heaters. As a homeowner in the state of New York, you are not allowed to install a water heater without a permit.

They are properly trained and licensed.

A professional knows how to best avoid making a mistake in installing a water heater. They have been trained on how to prevent dangers like fires, explosions, water leaks, carbon monoxide asphyxiation, and microbial growth.

They know the latest codes.

Every region has its own codes and standards for the types of materials to use for installations. You may not be familiar with these codes and could end up compromising your safety.

They can repair your water heater instead of replacing it.

You may not need to replace your water heater, which means you could save money. Your water heater may just have a defective heating element or a faulty valve. In these cases, total replacement is unnecessary. You wouldn’t be aware of these possible cost-savings if you were to replace your water heater on your own.

Whether you want to repair or replace your water heater, you should hire a licensed professional. Contact our experienced master plumbers at for a proper water heater installation.

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Get Steamy This Valentines Day with an AO Smith Hot Water Heater

AO Smith Hot Water Heater Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! For every pair of lovebirds who live together or are planning to buy a house together soon, there is nothing more romantic than being able to share a couple’s bathroom. Two sinks running hot and cold water and, ideally a bathtub big enough for two. A new AO Smith Hot Water Heater can help make this Valentines Day a steamy one.

AO Smith Hot Water Heater Valentines Day

Getting Steamy in Long Island

After all, where would new Long Islanders come from if couples couldn’t get steamy together, enjoying the luxury of home ownership and having a nice bit hot water heater all to yourself. Of course, nothing puts the brakes on a love nest retreat like having to replace that water heater. Whether your water heater has been on it’s last legs for months or it’s failure took you by complete surprise, you owe it to yourselves to install a new water heater that is worthy of your shared home and the needs of two people… with maybe a third little someone on the way in the near future.

AO Smith Hot Water Heaters

When it comes to reliable water heaters for your family home, accept no substitute for AO Smith. Our favorite trusted brand of water heater has been a reliable source of steamy hot water for Long Islanders since the company’s founding in 1974, with a selection to suit any home no matter how big or small.

AO Smith hot water heaters come in a wide variety, from small tankless heaters that provide on-demand hot water even in small spaces to large tanks to provide for the needs of a large or growing family. There are electric water heaters for one-utility home, natural gas heaters for homes with a gas line, and propane water heaters for rural homes with a household propane tank.

If you and your love-bird enjoy renewable energy, AO Smith even offers solar hot water heaters that reduce the cost of heating your water by 70% or more when the sun is out and make a fantastic start or addition to rooftop solar that provides household electricity.

The Right AO Smith Hot Water Heater

Spring in Long Island is the perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate in the arms of your special someone and no one should be without a working hot water heater during this romantic but chilly time of year. Whether your old water heater just gave up the ghost or you’ve been meaning to expand your home’s hot water capabilities for a while, February is the perfect time to invest in an AO Smith water heater installation.

The key is choosing the right hot water heater for your needs. Here at, we believe strongly in connecting every Long Island client with the perfect water heater for their home. We’ll be happy to consult with you on how much water you need, how much electricity you want it to use, and where you need to place the unit.

A small wall-mounted on-demand water heater is perfect for always being able to take a hot shower even in a small home while a large tank water heater can allow you to fill that big luxurious bathtub to the brim and enjoy a steamy night in with your special someone.

If your love nest isn’t steamy enough this spring, our team at will be happy to help you choose and install the perfect AO Smith hot water heater for your needs. If you’d like more information or to schedule a consultation on your love nest’s hot water needs, contact today.

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Types of Water Heaters for Your Next AO Smith Water Heater Replacement

Ao Smith Water Heater Replacement Solar

Every home needs a new water heater. One is installed in every home when they are first built. Eventually, it will require water heater replacement with something new. You may also be seeking a new water heater if your old one isn’t large enough for home use or if you’re building a home addition that would be better served with a separate water heater. We know you want the highest quality water heater available which is why we carry AO Smith water heaters. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and models with the same, legendary AO Smith build quality. Let’s take a look at the five different types of water heaters for your next AO Smith water heater replacement.

Ao Smith Water Heater Replacement Solar

Gas & Propane Water Heaters

Gas and propane water heaters are designed to leave your power bill out of the water heating equation. If you have a gas line in your home already, a gas water heater can be a great way to balance your utilities and ensure that you’ll still have hot water if the power goes out.

Propane water heaters, on the other hand, run off of tanks and are ideal for more rural situations where gas lines are less common. A propane water heater can be the perfect solution for a cabin or farmhouse that already has a large propane tank for other purposes.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are by far the most common in today’s homes because they are streamlined, efficient, and don’t require any extra lines to gas or propane. AO Smith has been making high-quality electric water heaters with revolutionary glass lining since the 1940s, and you can count on them for water heaters that are built to last. You can find the right size electric water heater for any size home or go a little bigger to accommodate a family that cleans and showers often.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are unique space and power saving innovations that are ideal for smaller homes and anywhere with high electricity prices. A tankless water heater is also sometimes known as an on-demand water heater and connects the cold water line. Rather than filling and heating a tank of water, it boils water on the spot, as the water runs past its heating elements. Naturally, this has a rate of flow limitation, unlike a tank water heater, but it is a great way to save power that might otherwise be spent keeping a large tank of water warm all day.

Many people install tankless water heaters in small condos and starter homes when there isn’t room (or the infrastructure) for a full-sized water heater. They are also great supplemental heaters if the one in your utility closet can’t keep up with demand all of the time.

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are an exciting variation on water heater technology brought on by the popularity and sudden affordability of the green energy boom. Solar water heaters are a unique way to transfer the sun’s energy into heat into delightfully hot water. A couple of thermal panels can significantly reduce the cost of your water heater on the utility bill. If you want to go green and have a new water heater installation scheduled, consider the environmentally friendly appeal of AO Smith’s solar water heaters.

Want to learn more about your AO Smith water heater replacement options? Contact today.

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Why Install A.O. Smith Electric Water Heater in You Home or Business?

Professionally Install A. O. Smith Electric Water Heater

When stepping into the shower in the morning, the assurance of having hot water is essential. You can have this assurance every morning when you install A. O. Smith electric water heater as the brand you choose. Even if it is not on your mind at the time, if you run out of hot water it often becomes your primary issue very quickly. Either your current water heater cannot keep up with your demand, it is operating inefficiently for some reason, or it is on the verge of completely failing. Nothing is worse than having to sacrifice having a warm shower.

Professionally Install A. O. Smith Electric Water Heater

Let us explore why the choice to install A. O. Smith electric water heater is one of the best options available today. The company is located in Ashland City, Tennessee, and is the largest manufacturer of water heaters in the world. In every impartial list on the best water heaters by quality, A. O. Smith Water Heaters consistently receive the highest ratings. With these ratings, you are assured of getting a quality heater that will stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Install A.O. Smith Electric Water Heater Advantages


  • Using electric, rather than a combustible fuel eliminates the possibility of the fumes collecting and exploding.
  • Indoor air quality is not affected when using electric. Besides the usual fumes that will be present, the flue could become blocked and cause gases to be leaked into the living space. Also, if a flame of some type is used in the vicinity of combustion fuel, it could cause an explosion.


  • Electric water heaters are simple. They make the most natural choice for home or commercial installations.


  • With combustion fueled water heaters there are many codes to follow in different localities. Some require a 2-hour fire resistant wall surrounding the heater. Others need an 18-inch platform which the water heater is to sit on, to avoid accumulation of fumes at floor level. With an electric unit, these things are not an issue.

Efficiency and Function

  • An electric water heater is more efficient than a gas-fueled water heater. In tests conducted the very best combustible fueled water heater only had an efficiency rating of .86, but electric water heaters come in easily at .95.

Lower Standby Costs

  • A combustible fuel water heater loses a lot of their reserved heat at the flue near the bottom of the water heater. Their heat loss is 3.5% an hour. Whereas an electric water heater is much better insulated and only loses 1% an hour.


  • Electricity is widely available. Natural gas is not. In an area where an all-electric home is a preference, if the piping is done for propane or natural gas just for the water heater, it could mean a costly installation.
  • Electric water heaters can be used as a point of service heater because it is safe to install them inside the house. Gas heaters would be too dangerous inside the home.

Design and Installation

  • Location can be in crawlspaces, under cabinets, in laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Electric does not give off any dangerous fumes.
    Electric water heaters do not require any additional clearance to be safe.
  • No gas piping is required.
  • No air for combustion is required, or airflow around the unit.
  • Electric eliminates the danger of extraneous air movement blowing out the pilot light.
  • With electric, there is no unsightly flue appearance, often an afterthought in the building industry.


  • Fuel-fired water heaters require more maintenance and are more involved in their components. Electric water heaters are simple and straightforward if needing repaired.

System Life

  • Electric heaters have an average life of 14 years compared to 11 for gas.

Electric Costs

  • When you install A. O. Smith electric water heater, you get the benefits of the some of the most efficient electric water heats available today.  This increased efficiency reduces the overall cost of heating water.
  • Because rates are varied in different localities, it is hard to give an electric cost of operating. In some areas, it may cost a little more to run an electric water heater. However, if an all-electric discount is given by the power authority, it could balance the higher rates.

Contact to get a professional quote and to install A. O. Smith electric water heater today. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to answer all your questions.

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How to Determine the Best Long Island Water Heater Installation Best Long Island Water Heater Installation

Are you looking for the best Long Island water heater installation service? Living in Long Island, your water heater is one of the most essential appliances in the home. Access to a continual source of delightfully hot water is key to enjoying long snowy Long Island winters, from taking hot baths to just washing your hand safely. So when your water heater starts to give up the ghost, you know you’re going to need the best possible replacement. A water heater that will last you decades and a proven, reliable Long Island water heater installation service to properly install it into your home. Best Long Island Water Heater Installation

But how do you determine the best Long Island water heater installation for your needs? Here at, we’ve been providing water heaters to Long Islanders for over 50 years and three generations. So we know a good water heater installation when we see one. Here are six of the most critical aspects of a dedicated water installation service:

Close to Home

First, you need a service whose service area contains Long Island. In the modern digital age, it’s all too easy to start doing your research on a service only to realize that they are two states away or even further. Even if a water heater service claims to serve your area, you want to work with a team that is close to home. This way, you know their workshop is nearby and that everything your water heater installation team needs to remove your old water heater and install a new one is only a short drive away.

Assesses Your Needs

Never trust a service that tries to tell you what you need without a consultation. Every home is different, especially in the handbuilt old Long Island neighborhoods. Your water heater needs should be assessed based on the size of your family (and your enthusiasm for long showers), the size of your utility area, and even how much electricity you want the unity to take up. Your water heater installation team may also need to work with old pipes and electrical hookups that may influence the right unit and installation process for your home.

Offers Installation on Your Schedule

Any field service, like water heater installation, should be able to work on your schedule. If your old water heater dies, they need to have an emergency slot ready to get a new one in as quickly as possible. Especially during the cold months where your pipes and health are in serious jeopardy without a water heater. At the same time, your installation team also needs to be able to accommodate your work schedule so that you can be present during the installation without putting your job at risk. The best Long Island water heater installation team will know how to balance your needs and schedule with their availability.

They Will Take Your Old Water Heater

When it comes to your old water heater, let’s face it: You have no use for it and no place to put it even if you did. A good water heater installation team will offer to not only un-install the old water heater for you but also haul it away where the materials can be junked or reclaimed. Whether they have a use for the old parts or are just being helpful, a team that hauls away the old water heater is making sure that your home remains safe and clear of rusting dead equipment.

Satisfactory Warranty

Every new water heater should come with a factory warranty. And the best Long Island water heater installation services will also offer you a service warranty guaranteeing the quality of their installation. Getting this service warranty is proof that the installation team believes in their work and is willing to prove the quality of their water heater installation by offering a guarantee if there are any problems. They will also have a process to help explain the manufacturer’s warranty if you have issues relating to the water heater itself.

Helpful Maintenance Advice

Finally, your water heater installation team may not be the people you call to maintain your water heater in the future, but a professional service will be ready and eager to leave you with a complete set of guidelines. When to flush the water heater (if necessary), and a schedule for when to call for regular maintenance and inspections. Of course, with the best Long Island water heater installation service and the perfect new unit for your home, it may be some time before you need to make your first maintenance call.

Finding the best Long Island water heater installation service shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you’ve ruled out anyone too far from home or too unaware of your needs, the best option will quickly rise to the top of your search. For more information about how to find the ideal water heater and installation services for your needs, contact today.