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The Many Benefits of a ProMax Water Heater

Promax Water Heater Line

When your water heater stops working, you want something that will last a long time, have all of the features you need, and one that is durable and by a name you can trust. If you are looking for the perfect fit then a water heater by the ProMax line has a wealth of benefits you will love. A ProMax water heater will not only have durability and energy savings but they also offer a long line of water heating solutions that fit any need.

Promax Water Heater Line

Types of ProMax Water Heaters

There are five types of ProMax water heaters that will work for most any need and in any place, including:

ProMax (Electric Models)

These have the non-CFC thick foam installation that meets the needs of being environmentally friendly and works to keep in heat and reduce heat loss through standby.

ProMax Plus High Efficiency

Not only does this one meet the needs of standby loss requirements of the current edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 and the Department of Energy but it meets the standards for most of the utility rebate programs such as Energy Star.

ProMax Compact Designs

The ProMax Compact Design water heaters are found in the six to 20-gallon capacity and are versatile with the side mounted plumbing, plugged top plumbing connections, and electrical connections with nipples. These come with a single heating element.

ProMax Lowboy Side Connect

This water heater has a compact construction with side mounted plumbing and electrical connections. It fits in well in a variety of places, including under counters.

ProMax Point of Use

This is a small 2.5-gallon capacity water heater that is ideal for those areas where it is not in high demand. Whether it is an office bathroom or a remote area of a building, it comes with top plumbing, and a wall mounted bracket so that it is easy to install. There is a single heating element and a 110V/120V cord set with 3-prong plug.

A Multitude of Sizes

No matter what size of a water heater you need, ProMax has you covered. From 19 gallon water heaters up to 70+ gallons, there are compact designs with plugged top plumbing and side-mounted plumbing as well as the Lowboy Side Connect which allows installation that is compact or in a tight space. This type has side mounted electrical connections and plumbing. There is even a Point of Use water heater that is ideal for low demand and point of use applications. This includes places like remote restrooms in certain buildings or office lavatories.

Features of the ProMax Water Heater

The ProMax line of water heaters comes with many features and benefits such as:

  • Energy Star
  • LEED Rating
  • LCD Display
  • Powered Anode
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Pre-set Operating Modes

Wattage and Voltage

Wattage on the ProMax ranges from:

  • 0 – 1,999 Watts
  • 2,000 – 3,999 Watts
  • 4,000+ Watts

Voltage ranges from:

  • 110 / 115 / 120 Volts
  • 208 Volts
  • 220 / 240 Volts

There is a limited warranty on the tanks that range from a six-year warranty, an eight-year warranty, and a ten year warranty depending on which model you choose.

Every model in the ProMax water heater line is equipped with certified T&P relief valve, PermaGlas® glass coating, and long-lasting low-watt density copper heating elements. Most utility rebate programs fall under the sale of the ProMax, and each meets the energy efficiency requirements set forth by the Department of Energy.

On every electric model, you will find that it has environmentally friendly, non-CFC foam insulation that is thick and helps minimize standby heat loss. Along with the ASME rated and CSA certified T&P relief valve, it has the durable, tamper-resistant brass drain valve.

When you are in need of a water heater and want to check out the ProMax line of products, contact Waterheaters.com for more information.

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Water Heater Reviews, Stay Hot with a Navien 199,900 BTU Condensing Unit

Water Heater Reviews Navien Condensing

Particularly in the winter months, there is nothing worse than turning on the spigot and being surprised by a blast of cold water. Whether you were in the process of washing your hands or taking a shower, it can be jarring either way. So if you are worried about it happening, now is the time to check out water heater reviews and choose a model like the Navien 199,900 BTU Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater.  We promise, it will not leave you shivering in your skivvies and here is why.

Water Heater Reviews Navien Condensing

Celebrating the Benefits of Condensing Units

Because it is a condensing tankless water heater, there are several advantages to both the property owner and the environment. First, the water heater is designed to pull heat from the unit’s exhaust system. Accordingly, it prevents ultra hot air going into the environment. This is a plus because an influx of hot exhaust frequently contributes to the nation’s heat island effect problem as well as air pollution.

In addition, the cooler air makes it possible for designers and installers more flexibility. As such, condensing units tend to be less expensive to build, buy, install and run year round. They are also very reliable. Again, this benefits the homeowner as well as Mother Earth too in terms of reducing waste (e.g. building materials and energy). And of course, it helps keep more money in property owners’ pockets without having to sacrifice comfort or quality.

A Look at Navien Series’ Complete Benefits

Navien makes several tankless water heaters this way, namely the NPE-A, NPE-S and NCB-E, NHB and NCB Series. Some of the latter series include combination boilers. They are perfect for homeowners that want, or already have, hydronic heating installed in their respective buildings. The water heater we are reviewing today is the 240 A. It is one of the combination models. To learn more about this particular model or others in the Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters’ Series that we mentioned, please contact the experts at Waterheaters.com today.

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Water Heater Reviews, Are Low Emission Units Best for Businesses?

Water Heater Reviews Commercial Low Emissions

In our ongoing series of water heater reviews, we present a detailed look at commercial, low emission water heaters.  It is one thing for water-dependent businesses to say they want to reduce their environmental footprints and another to do it. Why the big disconnect? Well for starters, accessing water from a renewable source is just part of the process. In many cases, it has to be heated as well. Heating water has its own environmental impact, including the increase in mono-nitrogen oxides.

Water Heater Reviews Commercial Low Emissions

Also known as NOx, they are frequently generated during the heating process, and previous methods to eliminate them from business environments have been very costly. As such, many businesses feel that they can not operate efficiently or effectively without them. So they think that low emission units are bad news. Today’s water heater review of the Bradford White® brand will happily prove otherwise:

The company makes modestly priced, low NOx water heaters, including a 100-gallon model for commercial use. Thus, businesses can fulfill their water needs without contributing to the world’s greenhouse gas levels or cause a loss in quarterly profits. How low can the brand’s water heater NOx emissions go? In some cases, they may go well below the ones advocated for by national, regional and local, environmental groups.

Hot water experts have found that they can achieve those minuscule levels by incorporating some elements in their commercial designs. For Bradford White™ designers, that means focusing on thermal control features. Their thermal control features, by default, reduce the need for frequent ignition and energy use. For example, their commercial water heaters have recirculation and integrated exhaust systems as well as non-CFC insulation and Vitraglas® linings.

And take note, NOx is not the only unwanted byproduct these water heater designers have managed to reduce. Their most popular designs take into account sediment and lead too. Although not first in environmentalists’ minds, sediment can harm more than just a water heater’s interior. It may also introduce minerals, bacteria, lead and other undesirable materials back into a home or community’s water supply.

That is partially why Bradford White® designers install features including Hydroject® Sediment Reduction Systems, horizontal anode rods and hand-hole clean-outs. Plus, they make it a point to have their best water heaters CSA Certified for low lead content. So knowing that we think it is fair to say that low emission water heaters are best for everybody, not just businesses. To learn more and find the best reviewed, low NOx water heaters, please contact Waterheaters.com today.

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Water Heater Reviews, Polaris Residential Gas 50-Gallon

Water Heater Reviews Polaris Cutaway

As part of our ongoing series of water heater reviews, we would like to take a closer look at the Polaris line of units specifically the Polaris Residential 50-Gallon Gas 130,000 BTU. Unlike many other residential lines, some of its water heaters do not need anodes. We know that is an important feature to some homeowners, including those that live in hard water areas.

Water Heater Reviews Polaris Cutaway

Want a Longer Life?

Known to help cut down on mineral related damage, anodes can certainly be beneficial. However, they are also frequently responsible for service calls and funky odors. The frequent service calls are often a result of the metal rod’s inability to withstand constant exposure to a home’s water softening system or extremely hard water. Those two things may cause the rods to fail prematurely, which in turn causes the rest of the water heater’s interior to subsequently degrade.

Bugged by Bacteria?

As for the odors, they tend to occur when the building’s water supply is teeming with bacteria. As National Ag Safety Database members point out, some of the bacteria are beneficial, but not all and each type is prone to creating unpleasant aromas. They tend to gravitate towards the anodes and cluster on them, which only intensifies the smells and helps to increase the deterioration. Thus, purchasing anode-free water heaters may reduce odors as well as some degradation.

What Hot Water Emergency?

The ability to run without an anode is not the only reason for our favorable water heater review. The Polaris by American Residential 50-Gallon Residential Gas 130,000 BTU unit has a long list of top-notch elements. It also features an easy-to-reach access panel, plug-and-play technology, brass connections, stainless steel tank and a self-diagnostic control system. Understandably, they help cut down on emergency service calls too.

Keep in Down in There!

Also, there is the energy-efficient, whisper quiet operation, forced air system compatibility and sealed combustion features. They enable the Polaris water heater to safely fit right in some spaces. For instance, it could be placed near bedrooms that boast master baths or living areas that need the best acoustics available (e.g. home theater rooms).

Say Hello to Holiday Guests!

Furthermore, they are strong but compact enough to accommodate increases in activity. Therefore, house guests’ frequent showers and washing up extra dinner dishes should not leave holiday hosts, or hostesses stuck with cold water. To learn more about Polaris brand water heaters, please contact Waterheaters.com today.

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Water Heater Reviews, Rheem Electric RTE 3 Tankless POU

Water Heater Reviews Rheem POU

Although both are designed to heat water, commercial water heaters must do everything far better than their residential counterparts. Otherwise, business owners run the risk of experiencing a decline in service and profits. To help you make the best decisions possible, we are providing commercial water heater reviews.  This time, we are looking at the Rheem Electric RTE 3 Tankless POU with you this week.

Water Heater Reviews Rheem POU

Get Fired Up Over the First Five Benefits

It features the compact, Rheem Electric RTE 3 Tankless Point-of-Use Water Heater. We offer it to our commercial customers because of the model’s ability to produce consistent, energy-efficient, eco-friendly results for years. The commercial water heater’s LED lights, no vent system, low-flow activation, small footprint and modulating heat exchanger are just five elements that make it so eco-friendly.

Customer and Staff Smiles Sure to Follow

Its proprietary design, which gives the commercial heater the ability to use an area’s existing ground water temperature to its advantage, is another. It uniquely allows firms to select the lowest flow rate, electrical requirements and dimensions possible for their respective areas. So they can save money, achieve the best return on investment and protect the environment without sacrificing customer service or production.

Same Old, Same Old for Rheem

However, then again, this kind of thoughtful engineering is typical of Rheem. Over the years, they have received some of the best commercial water heater reviews in their class, not to mention numerous awards. Also, their commercial water heaters’ energy-efficiency levels often make them eligible for local, state and federal rebates or credits. Take this particular, electric water heater that we have already been talking about as an example.

Beyond Discounts from Uncle Sam

Its direct spark ignition, coupled with the other features we have mentioned, give it a 94% efficiency level.  Rebates, awards, and tax credits aside, that is something worth shooting for especially when one considers the rest of the benefits. The ability to have continuous hot water throughout the course of one’s business activities is priceless for many, including ambitious catering firms and neighborhood laundromats.

Want More Commercial Water Heater Reviews?

To learn more about why people love the Rheem Electric RTE 3 Tankless Point-of-Use Water Heater and others, please contact the hot water experts at Waterheaters.com today.

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Water Heater Reviews, Should You Buy a Rinnai Luxury Tankless Model?

Rinnai Luxury Tankless Model Water Heater Reviews

Okay, so you have decided to go tankless. Now you are searching for water heater reviews to determine which one is right for you. We get that and would love to talk with you about all of the different water heaters that we have in stock. One of our favorites is the Rinnai Tankless 199,000 BTU model. We have mentioned some of its benefits before, like the ENERGY STAR® rating and commercial-grade, heat exchanger. However, today, we wanted to give you a more in-depth, Rinnai Luxury Tankless Model water heater review.

Rinnai Luxury Tankless Model Water Heater Reviews

Whether you are going with propane or natural gas, the water will heat water up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That is hot enough to kill dust mites, aquatic bacteria, and other unwanted invaders. It is also suitable enough to make a great cup of instant soup, instant coffee or tea straight out of the tap. Although we know most people prefer to heat their beverages and soups in other ways.

The Rinnai Luxury Tankless model is best suited for direct vent, forced combustion homes with enough indoor space to accommodate its height and girth. In this case, it is a room that affords the installer at least 12 inches of floor space. There will need to be 6 inches of top space and 2 inches around the sides too. As far as hook-ups go, plan on needing ¾ inch inlet/outlet pipes with access to 120 volts and at least 30 pounds of water supply pressure.

With that said, this water heater is uniquely suited for use in manufactured and stick-built homes of varying sizes. It also has automatic frost and boiling protection, which gives the model an edge regardless of the home’s location. Homeowners love the water heater’s limited warranty and durability too. To hear more water heater reviews concerning this Rinnai model or others, please contact Waterheaters.com today.